Workshop in Berlin on 17th and 18th February 2023 

The first Colloquium of Engaged Women in the Diaspora: Together for sustainable development was organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
The colloquium brought together 21 active and engaged women with a migration history living in Germany. This included women leaders in the diaspora, including representatives of diaspora organisations, entrepreneurs, and individuals engaging in sustainable development, as well as in areas such as gender equality and migrant rights.

The aims of the colloquium were:

  • To increase the visibility of the various forms of engagement of women in the diaspora as agents of change.
  • To empower women participants by providing them with space to develop their ideas in dialogue with each other and with key stakeholders (e.g. BMZ).
  • To open a space for networking and peer support among women in the diaspora.
  • To validate the results of PMD research into diaspora women actor’s
    engagement in dialogue with participants

SCEW members participate in online and Live Seminars and Workshops organized by VENRO, MSO-NRW Workshops,, DSEE, Engagement Global, GIZ and other online Workshops organized by international organizations.

Jenny participating during the Workshop organised by “Paritätische NRW” for MSO in Cologne 27th June 2022

We organize and participate in workshops and conferences in which we inform our associates, regional and national politicians, persons of influence, political science students, professors, journalists, collaborators, and persons of interest about the socio-political crisis in Africa.

For example, during the 3rd World Women`s Conference in Tunis September 2022, the Cameroon Delegation with SCEW members carried out a 2-day workshop in which we informed the participants about the effects of the Anglophone crisis on women and children.

We carry out political and social education in which we talk about gender issues, socio-political crisis and issues affecting our society. This is carried out in Workshops and Seminars.

 In Germany we organise Workshops to educate migrants about issues like getting a stay permit, applying for job or professional Training, Health and educational issues and many other topics. We also organize Workshops in which we hire Experts to train and capacitate us in all areas in which we need to be skilled. 

SCEW organised a 4-Day workshop on capacity for Migrant Leaders from 21st – 24th April 2022 in Muenster Nordrhein Westfalen. The topics taught were – Mediation Strategies, Communication, Project Planning and Presentation.