Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the atrocities perpetrated on civilians, most especially on women, children and persons living with Disabilities (PWDs) in the English-Speaking Regions of Cameroon. The aim is to galvanise support from national and International institutions to support us in our efforts to look for peaceful solutions to end the armed conflict in Cameroon. We do this by publishing daily bulletins with placards about the human rights abuses meted on civilians, on all our social media platforms.

We participate on events organised by our partners and partake on podium discussions both on social media and in live events. For example, we participated in “Black Lives Matter”, a rally organised by the German Left Party in Recklinghausen June 2021 in Nordrhein Westfalen and participate regularly during International Women`s day in Hamburg and Munich.

SCEW members participating during Black Lives Matter in Recklinghausen NRW June 2021

The Anglophone crisis ranked first and second places in 2020 and 2021 as the most neglected crisis in the world. Watch this video from the Norwegian Refugee Council on “Neglected Crisis”. Click Here to watch