SCEW is a human rights organization that was born during a Conference in Brussels organized by stakeholders from the English-speaking region of Cameroon that took place from 31st March – 2nd April 2017.  It is an association that is made up women across the European Continent, whose origin is Southern Cameroons (English speaking regions of Cameroon). 

The Anglophone Crisis that began with a peaceful protest led teachers and lawyers in October 2016 has led to the loss of many lives, villages burnt, people arbitrarily arrested and incarcerated, women and girls being raped, and thousands displaced. Some have sought refuge in neighbouring countries like Nigeria and Ghana while thousand internally displaced persons have fled for safety into the bushes and forests within the territory or to Francophone urban towns. 

Some thousands are wounded, and many have been killed because they advocated for their rights to self-determination. The most affected in this armed conflict are women and children.

This is the circumstance that led to creation of SCEW. We believed that putting our efforts together and organizing ourselves to face the challenges in our communities, will lead to a greater impact, ”Unity is Strength”.

The association is not geared towards profit. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the German tax code.

The association pursues the following Sustainable development goals; 

  1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  2. To achieve universal primary education
  3. To promote gender equality and empower women.
  4. To reduce child mortality
  5. To improve maternal health
  6. To develop a global partnership for development

The primary goal is to collectively set up a road map on how to sensitize the world about the abuse of women and children`s rights in Southern Cameroons (English-speaking regions of Cameroon also known Anglophone Cameroon). The aim is to get support from international organizations to help us in our efforts to ensure that the lives of women and children in the Southern Cameroons are protected and peace is restored in the war-torn Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

We network with human rights organizations and jointly carry out events in Germany and EU-Europe to sensitize the world about the ongoing armed conflict in the English-Speaking regions in Cameroon and the devastating effect of the war. 

We carry out humanitarian activities in Cameroon and Nigeria

  • We provide humanitarian relief to war affected and displaced Women, children, and vulnerable persons.
  • We empower grassroots women to be able to generate their own income so that they can cater for themselves and their families.
  • We promote skills development and training for grassroots women.
  • We work towards accelerating the integration of internally and externally displaced persons into local communities.

In addition, we carry out workshops in Germany to educate migrants and refugees especially women and girls on all social issues e.g on how to integrate themselves into the system, get a home, jobs, acquire professional training, register their kids in Kindergarten and we counsel them on gender-based issues. 

We also organise conferences to in which we educate the public on the socio-political issues affecting Africa, Neo-colonialism, and global social injustice.

We the European Diaspora women are convinced that significant changes and long-lasting solutions can be achieved only through active participation and involvement of women at all stages in decision-making processes.